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The Broadway Line Lower Level via Bridge Station (formerly called the Broadway Station) has two side platforms after curving from the Local tracks of the Broadway Line just north of the station. The platforms provide the transfer corridor between the connecting trains at the station. Underpinning all of them. They were kept open during the 1990s when service on the south side of the Manhattan Bridge was suspended and all went up 6 Avenue and no trains needed to stop in this portion of the station. The platform's western (northern) end begins with the only entrance it can call itse own which is shared with the uptown Broadway Local Station. A single staircase leads up from each platform and meet in the middle forming a decent sized transfer corridor that leads to a large bank of turnstiles with a lower passage leading to the R train. This bank of turnstiles is across from the bank for the R platform and two street stairs lead out to the SE corner of Canal Street and Broadway and one to the NE.

Continuing down the platform we first reach the single staircase to the Downtown IRT 6 train, followed by the one for the uptown 6 train. These access corridors are identical. The staircase up from each platform meet on a narrow intermediate level before a single staircase continues up to the 6 platform between exits to either side of Canal Street (each corner of Canal St and Lafayette Street has its own fare control area).

The final transfer is from the JMZ, a staircase leads up from each platform to a narrow intermediate level where doors are visible that used to lead to the split of the passageway to provide access to the now abandoned Queens-bound platform, that was replaced by the rerouting of Queens-bound trains to the Manhattan-bound's unused secondary track, and then directly up to the current open platform.
Art For Transit at Union Square Arts For Transit at Canal Street
Empress Voyage 2.22.1794, 1998
Ceramic tiles and mosaic banding
By Bing Lee
(canal_nq1) A modern Canal Street name tablet with Chinese on either side part of the art instalation in the station
13 August, 2008
(canal_nq2) The passageway from the Bridge platforms to the Tunnel platforms
17 June, 2009
(canal_nq3) A now obsolete sign about where to go when the W is not running to get to Astoria, now its the rule at all times
17 June, 2009
(canal_nq4) Entering the transfer corridor from the R train, the ramp comes down from turnstiles to the entrance specifically to the N,Q
30 July, 2009
(canal_nq5) Down for the R,W up for the exit to Canal Street and Broadway
30 July, 2009
(canal_nq6) A Canal St name tablet
30 July, 2009
(canal_nq7) The staircase from the downtown platform for Canal St & Broadway
30 July, 2009
(canal_nq8) A direction signs for the station exits and the transfers at those streets on the N,Q platform
30 July, 2009
(canal_nq9) The staircase for the downtown 6 platform and exit to Lafayette Street
30 July, 2009
(canal_nq10) The narrow corridor that provides an overpass between the N,Q platform before the staircase to the Downtown 6 and the east side of Lafayette Street
30 July, 2009
(canal_nq11) Signs for the N stopping at the upper level platform in English and Chinese
30 July, 2009
(canal_nq12) A sign for the transfers some stickers cover up obsolete information
30 July, 2009
(canal_nq13) The exit to Lafayette Street and the uptown 6 train
30 July, 2009
(canal_nq14) The overpass and exit for the uptown 6
30 July, 2009
(canal_nq15) A staircase down from the uptown 6 platform to one of the N,Q platforms
30 July, 2009
(canal_nq16) Looking down the Brooklyn-bound N,Q platform
30 July, 2009
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