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A crowd gets off (while more passengers try to get on) creating a bottle neck on the ramp of the platform since the 5:06pm South Shore Train has arrived nearly a half hourly late, and will delay the departure of the 5:45pm train slightly.
View of the runway (and gate 9) through the scrim that surrounds the platform
The Welcome sign from Visit South Bend
The section of platform to nowhere, if there were steps there would be less of a bottleneck
EMU #47 has just arrived in South Bend but will bring up the rear of the next trip to Chicago
The Kiss and Ride sign is illuminated but behind the new blue screen that surrounds the platforms
Dusk descends on a South Shore Line train waiting to leave the South Bend Airport
A traffic jam on the small terminal roadway by the South Shore platform at South Bend Airport
A waiting to depart South Shore train is much longer than the platform
View Across snow to a South Shore train
Heading towards the front of a boading South Shore trian for Chicago
The simple and short wooden and covered island platform at South Bend Airport
Stepping off a train at dusk in South Bend, an empty airport gate is in the distance, and the newer but never used for scheduled flights bridge to a proposed Customs and Immigration area
One train is in the station, the opposite track is unused, there are few times when two trains are in the station in South Bend at once
The bumper block at the end of the line
Looking out from the short-term parking lot (the grade-crossing to the employee parking lot is blocked when a train is in the station,
MU #59 has just arrived at the Airport Station at the back of a train from Chicago
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Home<Chicagoland<South Shore Line<South Bend Airport<Photos Page 3
South Shore Line

Last Updated: 30 December, 2017
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