South Bend Airport
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The ramp up to the rail platform is visible from the rail waiting area at the edge of the terminal
Double doors lead from the terminal out to the rail platform
There is a large accessible entrance to the platform
Sign for the train and the bus shelter for Transpo
The empty platform, there isn't a train for hours
The bumper block and rail platform
Stepping off at South Bend, these two trains will soon return to Michigan City (one will be the last train into Chicago) within 10 minutes of each other (the second train will be a deadhead run in passenger service
A nighttime view of the ramp up to the platform
Boarding the long 4:45pm train to Chicago for New Years Eve weekend
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Home<Chicagoland<South Shore Line<South Bend Airport<Photos Page 2
South Shore Line

Last Updated: 25 January, 2017
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