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11th Street-Michigan City is the stop that makes the South Shore Line the last real Interurban left in America. This stop is in the middle of a two mile stretch of track where South Shore lines run down the middle of 11th and 10th Streets (trains enter a private ROW briefly when they transition between streets and also cross the Amtrak-owned Michigan Line tracks, used by the Blue Water and Wolverine Services) from Sheridan Avenue to Michigan Blvd through Michigan City. NICTD does have plans to move the South Shore Line to a private ROW farther away from downtown (to provide faster and safer service), this project would combine 11th Street and Carroll Avenue into one station. Trains take this stretch of line very slowly at about 10 mph with motor vehicles running in both directions alongside the track, unimpeded by fencing, similar to a streetcar.

The stop itself consists of trains stopping in the middle of 11th Street just west of Pine Street and near Franklin St. The mix of rail and traffic signals require all trains to pause and come to a complete stop at the station, including the few express trains that bypass 11th Street. Here a traffic single stops westbound traffic on 11th Street and passengers descend using one or two doors of the train down and onto the street. The platform is the north sidewalk of 11th Street that has a small tactile warning strip that is a bit larger than a curb cut. A small parking lot (capacity 30 cars, it's free and the South Shore's website has a note that it fills quickly) serves commuters along with a single green large waiting shelter. Inside are green benches and TVMs. Until streetscape improvements by the city of Michigan City in 2015 the station just had a few brown 11th St. signs, and simple lighting on the telephone poles that hold up the South Shore Line's catenary wires. Downtown Michigan City Streetscape improvements have since brought decorative black lampposts, along with a brick stone wall between the sidewalk and parking lot with black lettering that reads Michigan City 11th Street Station and is backlit at night.

Along the western side of the parking lot is the former two story station building that was built in 1927 and has a nice white facade with columns. The station was closed by the Chicago & South Shore Railroad on November 11, 1987 when the railroad filed for bankruptcy. It has sat boarded up ever since. On my 2011 visit a sign above the boarded up entrance had Michigan City Station beneath the South Shore Line logo. As of 2016 there is a For Sale sign in the window. Until doing internet research for this summary, your webmaster thought the building was just another abandoned building in Michigan City and not a historic depot, so photos specifically of the historic depot facade are lacking.
Photos 1-20 taken on 27 October, 2011, 21-73: 10 Ocotober, 2016

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Stepping off a Carroll Ave-bound train in the middle of 11th Street
The one open vestibule of EMU Car #28 as passengers step out into the middle of 11th Street
The door closes in the middle of 11th Street of EMU Car #28
EMU Car #34 and a two car train leave the 11th Street stop.
EMU Car #34 fades into the distance
A sign across the street from the boarding area
The South Shore Line map and platform sign
A 11th St. Platform sign
The green shelter that is now all there is for waiting passengers
The sign, shelter and historic abandoned depot beyond the parking lot
Across from the sidewalk boarding area
The white facade of the abandoned since the 1980s depot
NICTD parking only sign at the small parking lot
The odd traffic light for westbound traffic on 11th Street so passengers getting off trains aren't run-over
Simple Railroad crossing signs on wooden posts for the single electrified track in the middle of the street
A longer Chicago-bound train goes down 11th Street
EMU #7 continues down the gentle hill of 11th Street
EMU #7
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Last Updated: 11 December, 2016
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