11th St.
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MU #48 heads down 11 Street after stopping at the station
MU #48
MU #102 brings up the rear of an eastbound South Shore Line Train
MU #102 rounds the gentle curve in the middle of 11 Street
Although all train service is suspended today, the heat in the shelter is still on
Outside the station, the passenger information sign is blank, it will turn on and say and display a message that service is suspended. Would be nice if it was set to constantly display 'All Service Suspended'
The two TVMs, still on for ticket sales, one tiny computer typed sign saying service is suspended
The hand highlighted service is suspended sign scotch taped to the top of one of the station's TVMs
The station can't be closed since the platform is basically the sidewalk. No train service here today
The snow covered 11th Street Michigan City lettering
Close-up of Street Station covered in snow
Looking across to the other snow/ice covered South Shore Line parking lot across 11th Street
The Michigan City 11th Street Station modern lettering along the snow bank from platform plowing
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Home<Chicagoland<South Shore Line<11th St-Michigan City<Photos Page 6
South Shore Line

Last Updated: 2 July, 2017
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