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Hubbard Woods is the most northern of 3 stations in the Village of Winnetka. The station is located in a depressed trench that was built as part of a grade-separation project funded by the Works Progress Administration between 1937 and 1943. The station is in poor condition had hasn't changed much since its rebuilding.

The current station consists of two side platforms in an open cut surrounded by trees for the two track line. The Green Bay Trails uses the same open cut, and is to the east, alongside the inbound platform. These platforms begin at the bridge of Scott Avenue and run south. The platforms each have a small metal canopy structure for about one car nearly at their southern ends. At the end of the outbound platform on the west side of the open-cut is a two-story, brick station house. The lower-story is made out of concrete and has C&NWRY ~ Hubbard Woods engraved in the concrete. The brick station house contains a waiting room. The ticket office was closed in 2016. Going through an alcove on the south side of the station house, is a decrepit concrete footbridge, this footbridge leads across to the dead end of Hubbard Place and has a staircase down to the southern end of each platform.
All Photos taken on 22 July, 2012

Approaching the station on the Green Bay Path the exposed metal footbridge is above
Looking through the footbrudge supports at the depot
A shed and metal canopy strucutres at the southern end of the platform
Looking across and through the footbridge staircases at the Hubbard Woods depot
A Hubbard Woods sign on a decaying metal canopy sturcture
A staircase from the Green Bay Path up to the inbound platform
Looking over to the metal canopy on the outbound platform
Looking down the simple platforms with trees on both sides
The staircase from the footbridge down to the outbound platform
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