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Schiller Park opened as an infill station on the North Central Service on January 30, 2006. It is located on the edge of an intermodal freight yard with containers visible from the platform. The station is simple with two platforms, Platform #1 one for the westernmost main-line Track 1, and a second Platform #2 just beyond track 1 (with a fence prohibiting access to Track 1 making it an island platform) for Track 2. One pedestrian crossing in the middle of the platforms connects Track 2 to the outside world. As of 2018 all trains except for Outbound Train #101 (as signs say) stop on Track 1. Waiting passengers have a small retro-looking brick station house complete with a clock tower, an angled roof, and porches on each side along platform 1. Inside this building is a small waiting area with a few benches. Platform 2 has a tiny canopied portion (about 10 feet long), the shelter looks like a very tiny extension of the station building with an extremely high gray roof. The tracksare on the eastern edge of a 106 space parking & ride lot, all access to this park and ride lot is from Ruby Street which runs parallel to the train line.
All Photos taken on 17 December, 2017 on a visit by automobile

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Arriving to the empty station on a Sunday
Accessible parking spaces and the small depot
A bunch of white vans are parked in the station's parking lot
The grade-crossing to Platform 2 and a bunch of containers in the intermodal terminal beyond the station
One side of the traditional depot with a clock tower
The platform for Track 1 and the half shelter for Track 2
The brick Schiller Park depot
Schiller Park is etched in the depot wall beneath the clock tower
Schiller Park engraved in the depot
Looking into the locked on a Sunday waiting area
The sign on Platform 2 (formerly From Chicago) with containers behind
The back of the shelter on Platform 2
The canopy on platform 2 and the depot beyond, the station's two sturctures
One side of the Schiller Park depot
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Last Updated: 30 December, 2017
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