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Mars is a Milwakee West Line Station located on the north side of a Mars Chocolate Factory, where the smell of chocholate wiffs from the factory. The station recieves limited serivce from only peak hour trains (in both directions). The Mont Clare Station is visible from this station, just 0.4 miles away.

The stop has two low-level side platforms for the line which has 3 tracks here, the middle track bypassing the station. The two two side platforms begin at the grade-crossing of Oak Park Avenue and run east. Each platform towards it's eastern end has a small brick shelter structure with a grey gabled roof. Inside the shelter is seating for waiting passengers. The Inbound platform shelter is heated and has a door. The outbound platform is mmore of a short canopy covering a bench, since its only half the size of the outbound shelter and is otherwise exposed. The Inbound platform has a small narrow parking lot nestled between the station and the parking lot for the Mars corporation. The outbound platform is narrow nestled along the fence of the grass which surrounds the Shiners Hospital for Children.
All Photos taken on 31 October, 2011

Sign at the gate to Mars Chocolate with a sign for Trick or Treat hours and the platform shelter structures beyond
Entrans to the commuter parking lot along the Inbound platform
A Metra Inbound train passes through the station
F40PH #216 pushes a Chicago-bound train out of Mars
F40PH #216 and a Chicago-bound train continue leaving
Across from a shelter on the opposite platform
A sign on the From Chicago Platform 1
F40PH #118 leads an Outbound train into the station
F40PH #118 continues entering Mars
F40PH #118 stops over the Oak Park Avenue grade-crossing
The doors open on an outbound Metra train
Looking across to the inbound parking lot and cocholate factory
The lights go on on the mid-platform pedestrian grade-crossing, a train is approaching
MP36PH-3S pushes a Chicago-bound train down the center track
Home<Chicago<Metra<Milwaukee District West<Mars

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