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24th Street (National City) is a miss-named San Diego Trolley Station, it really should be called 22nd Street, a street which dead ends at the station's 156 space park & ride lot. 24th Street, a major street also Miles of Cars Way has an underpass beneath the tracks a bit south of the station. The station has the standard two extremely basic, ground-level side platforms with yellow tactile warning strips, they are connected by a central concrete grade crossing and another smaller crossing towards their southern end. The San Ysidro-bound platform has two red shelters covering benches for waiting passengers, while the Downtown-bound platform is alongside the parking lot which provides all station access and has the usual single large brown shelter with benches beneath.
All Photos taken on 20 March, 2011

SD100 #2011 bound for Old Town stops in the station
A crowd gets off a just arriving train to transfer
Shuttle buses in the parking lot running in rail replacement service
A regular bus stops on the street right outside the station
Sign at the entrance to the parking lot
A cone on a track blocks it off
An Alert service change sign that there is no trolley service south of this station due to a catenary replacement project
An Express Shuttle Bus (replacing trolley service) arrives running non-stop from the boarder
The blur of U2 #1033 entering bound for Old Town (sign hasn't been changed)
Home<California<San Diego Trolley<24th Street-National City
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