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The Green Line Platform at Imperial/Wilmington (Rosa Parks) is an island platform located in the median of the Century Freeway and the major transfer point to the Blue Line below. There is also a single track connection, not used in revenue service that curves up just south of the blue line platform, has a level crossing over Willbrook Avenue and comes to a gate (to restrict easy trespassing on the Green Line) before rising up between the green line tracks just east of the station and has switches onto both. This connection is mainly used when the P2000s need heavy maintenance since this is preformed at the Blue Line's Shops. The green station has a single elevated island platform that is canopied for most of its length. Starting at the eastern end is an elevator and than a staircase/up escalator that lead down an intermediate mezzanine where the fare gates are. From here a staircase/up escalator leads directly down to the blue line's platform towards its northern end and the elevator leads directly to this island platform. Another staircase leads down to the bus loop just across from the blue line. Next is a staircase/up escalator followed by an elevator to their own shared fenced in turnstile area at street level. This is on the east side of the western half of Willowbrook Avenue, (eastern half is east of the Blue Line) the stations bus loop and some of the spaces of the crowded 1308 space park & ride lot (others are across the street). The final exit is a walkway between the tracks at the western end of the platform that leads to an elevator with staircases on each side that leads down to the western side of Willowbrook Avenue.

Name Change in 2012(all station signs have been replaced): Both levels of the station are now Willowbrook instead of Imperial/Wilmington, all train recordings have and maps have been changed with the new station name.

Artwork: Hide-n-Seek by JoeSam Cut-outs throughout the station a cartoon like figures that look like they are playing hide and seek
Photos 1-7 taken on 14 April, 2006; 8 on March 18, 2010; 9-21 on 24 March, 2011 & 22-34 on 20 June, 2013

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Looking down the platform fence along the freeway at Imperial/Wilmington Station
Looking down the platform at Imperial/Wilmington Station, by some station art
A fence sign at Imperial/Wilmington Ave Station
Another shot down the platform at Imperial/Wilmington Ave
P2000 LRV #205 bound for Beach approaches Imperial/Wilmington
P2000 LRV #205 bound for Redondo Beach enters Imperial/Wilmington
P2000 LRV #205 enters Imperial/Wilmington
The intermediate mezzanine
Sign for the station's honorary name on the platform
Looking down one of the exits
The middle exit staircase
The middle entrance and blue line platform beyond
The exit to the western side of Wilmington Ave
Turnstiles on the mezzanine above the blue line platform
Escalators and stairs to the mezzanine
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Last Updated: 20 June, 2013
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