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Crenshaw Blvd/I-105 is in the median of I-105 which is elevated at the station's location. The station has an island platform directly over Crenshaw Blvd's overpass. The station is basically symmetrical. Starting with the middle of the platform there are two canopies that are split with a small canopy in their middles, first there is a wide staircase and than an elevator in red elevator shaft at each extreme end of the platform with a small canopy over the elevators. Each elevator and staircase meet in identical fare control areas on each side of Crenshaw Blvd. There are turnstiles and the white fences on each side of the stairs/elevator (they are connected within LA's non-existant fare control). SW of the station is the stops large 1013 space park & ride lot.

Artwork: The walls of the underpass where the station's entrance are covered with a checkerboard of tiles mainly white with a variety of bright and a few dark tiles. These are all interspersed with quotations on what heritage means with 72 quotes. Along the platform are 72 of the most commonly spoken nationalities in L.A. Public Schools are embedded, these are all part of Crenshaw Stories by Buzz Spector
Photos 1-7 taken on 14 April, 2006, 8-34 on 18 March, 2010

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P200 LRV #208 bound for Redondo Beach leaves Crenshaw Blvd
Looking down the island platform at Crenshaw Blvd
A platform sign on the fence dividing the light rail from the freeway at Crenshaw Blvd with cars on the freeway beyond it
Looking out from under the canopy at Crenshaw Blvd
A two car Green Line train of P200s bound for Norwalk approaches Crenshaw Blvd Station.
A two car Green Line train of P200s bound for Norwalk approaches Crenshaw Blvd
A two car Green Line train of P200s bound for Norwalk enters
An elevator at one end of the platform
Looking down the platform
A bench
Looking down one of the staircases to leave the station
The two sets of turnstiles at the bottom of an exit staircase
A Metro Rapid Bus stops outside the station
A quote about different Spanish dialects
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Last Updated: 23 April, 2011
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