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Aviation/LAX (Aviation Blvd/I-105) is the connection point for the bus ride into LAX Airport. The green line wasn't built into the airport because of intense lobby from the parking industry and FAA concerns that the overhead lines would interfere with aircraft (there are plenty of other cities with light rail service to the airport I don't understand why there were concerns here). Part of proposals for the Crenshaw Corridor Light Rail corridor have included an extension of the Green Line and via this new line into the airport with a transfer to a people mover to reach the terminals. Just west of the staiton platform outlines of where future tracks could be built line the guideway. Hopefully one day it will be extended into the airport. The station is the first one on the east west axis that follows I-105 and is just south of the freeway on the standard elevated concrete guideway. The platform has a canopy for its entire length with a staircase and escalator at each end and an elevator in the middle, each leading down to their own little white fenced turnstile area. To the south of this plaza is the bus loop with the shuttle bus to LAX and many more bus lines including Metro, Beach Cities Transit, Culver CityBus, and Torrance Transit. The Shuttle to LAX is signed "Free Shuttle to LAX with Proof of Valid Transit Fare." This means you need a TAP card to get on the bus, going the otherway from the airport its free, there no Metro TVMs at the Airport. To the north is a 800 space free parking lot.

Artwork: Untitled by Richard Turner tries to bring back the golden age of aviation in the 1950s by having typical furnature designs of that era. This includes chairs (made out of a hard concrete-like martial) around coffee tables on both the platform and entrance plaza below, plus red windscreens with quotations.
Photos 1-32 taken on 24 March, 2011, 33-43 on 20 June, 2013; 44-46: 13 April, 2018

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A train stops at Aviation, the platform looks a bit warn
One of the staircases to the bus plaza beneath
Culver Transit and Big Blue Buses stop beneath the platform
The name engraved in the floor of the platform
An Escalator and stairs to the platform
Turnstiles before a staircase/escalator up to the platform
A bus stop
The station and greenery beneath
The elevator
A Culver City Bus beneath the station
Stop for the free shuttle to LAX
The bus loop
TVMs and information panels
A staircase/narrow escalator up to the platform
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Home<California<Los Angeles Metro<Green Line<Aviation Blvd/I-105/LAX
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Last Updated: 11 July, 2013
All photos are by Jeremiah Cox
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