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La Ciegena/Jefferson was the interim terminus of the original portion of the Expo Line to open on April 28, 2012 because the Culver City terminus wasn't completed yet. It served its roll as a terminus for less than two months until Culver City opened on June 20, 2012. When the station was as a terminus the destination roll signs of the older P865 & P2020 cars said "La Cienega." The station is located on an concrete elevated structure with the station that has an island platform for the two track line situated across La Cienega Blvd just south of its intersection with Jefferson Blvd.

The platform has the normal aqua-blue expo line coloring with its usual wavy silver canopy furnishings. Artwork with panels towards the exits at each end of the platform is Engraved in Memory, 2012 by Daniel Gonzalez. It consists of black and white panels that illustrate the history of Ballona Creek and the local area.

Exits (like the other two elevated Expo Line stations) are at either end of the station. An elevator (their two in total) at each end of the platform with a staircase (that has distinctive silver walls and no intermediate landings) lead down to each side of La Cienega Blvd where there are small plazas with the stations TVMs and TAP card readers. The east exit also has a second staircase at the extreme end of the platform beyond its elevator that wraps its way down to the exit plaza (without a TAP reader directly at it). This east side of the station has the station's final feature. A 5 story, 476 space parking garage. The design of the garage is mostly concrete but there is a distinctively white elevator shaft along one side and Metro logos and branding elements written in the concrete.
All Photos take on 23 June, 2013

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The western exit and the panels of Engraved in Memory
Lots of vertical lines on the track fence and the station's parking garage
Engraved in Memory
Engraved in Memory
The tops of the staircases have full canopies
Going down a staircase
Bikes and the small lower entrance plaza on the street
Passengers wait for the elevator
Benches and the street
Streetview of the parking garage
Metro is on the side of the garage's elevator shaft
The platform and garage, too bad there isn't a staircase up from the platform to a bridge across to the upper level of the garage
The street outside the garage
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