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Expo/La Brea is the first of three elevated stations on concrete guideways that is at the end of Phase 1 of the Expo Line. The line does dip back down to street level between here and La Cienega/Jefferson with a grade crossing for Hauser Blvd that has crossing gates and is high speed. The station is located across La Brea Avenue with Exposition Blvd just south of the elevated station. Exposition Blvd has an un-signaled intersection and the nearest traffic light for pedestrians to cross La Brea near the station is a short block north at Jefferson Blvd.

The elevated structure has the standard island platform with the baby blue steel posts that are distinctive to the expo line and its silver canopies. Panels of artwork are near the station exits at each end of the platform these are LA Metro Lotería, 2012 by Jose Lozano. The images look like playing cards (based on the Mexican game of chanch) with pictures of Metro Riders (including riding buses or trains and paying TVMs).

To leave the platform are the usual exits at either end that each have an elevator at the extreme end of each platform with a staircase closer to the middle. The East Plaza also has an additional staircase way beyond the elevator. These lead down to separate little fare payment plaza's beneath the elevated structure at the NE and NW corners of La Brea Avenue and Exposition Blvd.

The station is a connecting point for a new LAX Flyaway Bus costing $7 (no free transfers or parking avalible) from here for Expo Line Connections to the Airport that runs only every 2 hours and began on July 1, 2013
All Photos take on 23 June, 2013

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Just getting off a train
LA Metro Lotería
LA Metro Lotería
Top of one of the elevator landings that is crawling with decorative steel
LA Metro Lotería Above a platform entrance
Top landing of the third, back staircase off the platform behind the elevator
Starting down the back staircase
At the lower landing
The back staircase has a sign but lacks its own TAP readers
The pillar for the station and the other entrance across the intersection
A Little sign for new LAX Flyaway bus that will start in two weeks
The East Plaza
View of the concrete station from below
The large mezzanine area at Chinatown
Side view of the East Plaza
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