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Expo Park/USC Station is a stop located in the median of Exposition Blvd mid-block not near any just before trains go down to enter a trench and and tunnel beneath the intersections of Exposition Blvd and Flower and Figuroa Street and curve north before rising to the surface and following Flower Street (along its east side) the rest of the way to 7th/Metro Center in Downtown Los Angeles.

The station has two side platforms that are actually across from each other not offset like the rest along Exposition Blvd. These sides of these platforms away from the tracks are partially concrete walls because Exposition Blvd has already started rising above train line. The platforms have the usual Expo Line aqua-blue structures and silver canopies. Artwork consists of a series of tiny color photographs mounted on panels: On Saturdays, 2012 by Robert Flick. These images look like the views you get from a moving car (think Google StreetView) and are supposed to be a historical record of the surrounding thoroughfares on the brink of change.

The exit the platforms there are ramps at the western end of the station that lead down to covered TVMs. These then lead to a wide pedestrians only crosswalk and intersection (bollards prevent cars from driving onto the tracks and into the station) across Exposition Blvd. A Southern entrance in the middle of USC's campus is to the north and Exposition Park that includes the Natural History Museum of California (hence the dinosaurs on the marketing campaign for the Expo Line's opening), the California Science Center and the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum all a very short walk away from this station.
All Photos take on 23 June, 2013

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On Saturdays
A Culver City-bound train leaves
A Culver City-bound train keeps departing
The west end of the station is a tunnel portal
A Los Angeles-bound train enters
The distinctive mesh that covers all Expo Line platforms to block harsh sunlight, (or is it just decorative)
A Los Angeles-bound train enters its short trench
A Los Angeles-bound train goes under the first underpass
On Saturdays
Looking across to On Saturdays on the metalwork
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