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Expo/Vermont is a standard Expo Line station in the median of Exposition Blvd with two fully offset side platforms for the two track line with the intersection of Vermont Avenue in between them. In both directions trains stop at the far-side of the intersection so the Culver City-bound platform is on the west side and the Downtown Los Angeles-bound platform is on the east side.

For entrances the platforms very: The Culver City-bound platform has the normal single entrance to only the rear of the platform from the Vermont Avenue intersection. Passengers first pass canopied TVMs before going up a ramp with TAP Validators just before entering. The opposite end of this platform is a gate to an emergency exit staircase. The Downtown Los Angeles-bound platform is more unique because it is wedged between the intersections of Vermont Avenue and Bill Robertson Lane. The rear end of the platform to Vermont Avenue has a ramp, the front-end has a staircase to the light at the intersection of Bill Robertson Lane. Both entrances have tap readers at the top of the ramp or staircase before actually entering the platform but there are no TVMs by the platforms. Instead passengers must use two stand-alone sets of TVMs with awnings and black lettering on them that spell out Metro. One of these is at the NE corner of Vermont Avenue and Exposition Blvd at the SE corner of the main University of Southern California Campus. The other is near the SW corner of Bill Robertson Lane and Exposition along Jesse Brewer Jr. Park. These TVMs are particularly unique because their set back from the sidewalk with a gravel area in front of them and include a bunch of aqua-blue expo line bike racks.

The station platforms have the normal aqua-blue steel and silver canopies that all stations along the Expo Line have been furnished with. For artwork is Neighborhood Portrait: Reconstructed, 2011 by Jesse Polzin. It has various cartoonish tile images of the neighborhood and its people. Some are exteriors of buildings others are interiors with images of people relaxing at home.
All Photos take on 23 June, 2013

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Approaching the station, the dinosaurs are for the Natural History Museum
The secondary staircase entrance to the Downtown LA-bound platform
There is no space for TVMs at the entrance so this area along a park across from it was built instead, a much better design
Looking across from the TVMs along a park to the staircase entrance to the downtown LA-bound platform
Looking over to Neighborhood Portrait: Reconstructed
The exit and end of the fair paid zone at the western exit
Another part of Neighborhood Portrait: Reconstructed
More panels of Neighborhood Portrait: Reconstructed
The ramp entrance to the Downtown Los Angeles-bound platform, no space for a TVM area before the platform here so they are the entire way across the street
The ramp to platform 2 for Downtown LA
The pillar and ramp to the Downtown LA platform
Looking across traffic to the Downtown LA platform
An LA DASH Bus passes the station
An across the street view of the Downtown LA platform without any traffic
The Westbound to Culver City platform entrance, its more normal with the TVMs and shelter before the ramp up
Up the ramp and only entrance to the Culver City-bound platform
Looking across to the Downtown Los Angeles-bound platform
Neighborhood Portrait: Reconstructed
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Last Updated: 12 July, 2013
All photos are by Jeremiah Cox
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