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The M train's elevated platform at Wycoff Avenue (Myrtle Avenue) is of a quite unusual design. It was supposed to be an express stop had a center track ever been added, with two island platforms for each direction, and the center track that was never added between them. Before the station was completely rebuilt in the mid-2000s, each platform had its own staircase down to a narrow mezzanine level; today towards either end of the platforms is a section where the platform has been extend across connecting the two. In the middle of the station though there completely separate with a low, steel fence so no one falls in and enters the area that is just the structural steel of where a track would go if one was ever added. The M platform's only exit is at the extreme northern end where a very wide staircase and a short elevator shaft lead down to a tiny mezzanine level (that is really just a passageway, with a lower elevator landing) directly below the M platform. The passageway juts west (right if your coming down from the M) where there four more steps and a long ADA ramp around them, before it turns north (if you imagine the M line as a long a perfect north-south axis), and enters the top of the three story level station superstructure. From the upper level there are immediately two escalators (one for each direction) that allow transferring passengers to descend directly undergound and reach the L line's underground mezzanine. There is a staircase that leads down to street level and the full-time entrance with turnstiles and doors leading outside and two the bus bays, before continuing down to the L train's subway. There is also another elevator in this building leading down to the L train's underground mezzanine level, with an intermediate stop at street level and the full time ADA compliant exit. The building takes up a triangular city block.

Art For Transit at Myrtle-Wycoff Avenues

Arts For Transit at Myrtle-Wycoff Avenues

From Earth to Sky,> 2006,
Ceramic Glass and Marble Mosaic
By Cadence Giersbach

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A R42 M train begins to leave Wycoff Avenue, in the morning light. The station's renovation looks like its almost done except for the fact the column sighs say the stations true name Wycoff Avenue, and not both names which just causes confusion with the Myrtle Av-Broadway Station.
2 December, 2005
Another view down the quite wide island platform that was built over the provisions for a third track. The station was supposed to be an express station with two island platforms on the three tracked line.
2 December, 2005
The back of a R160 M train stopped at Wycoff Avenue
13 August, 2008
A R160 M train begins to leave Wycoff Ave.
13 August, 2008
A new Myrtle-Wycoff Avs column sign.
13 August, 2008
The provision for a thrid middle track hasn't been completely covered over, this is looking down a section in the middle of the platform where the steel provisions for it are still exposed
13 August, 2008
A simple Exit L sign at Myrtle-Wycoff Avs.
13 August, 2008
A Myrtle-Wycoff Avs sign on the fence that surrounds the area that is a provision for a third track.
13 August, 2008
Looking down the wide platform at Wycoff Av.
13 August, 2008
A wide staircase down to the main exit and underground L platform.
13 August, 2008
A large upper mezzanine just below the elevated M tracks at Wycoff Avenue.
13 August, 2008
Looking down the bridge on the large mezzanine beneath the elevated M tracks at the elevator that leads down into the underground subway at Myrtle-Wycoff Avs.
13 August, 2008
The center of the platform at Wycoff Av, where a center track could be placed.
29 May, 2009
Looking down to the street through the bare metal where a middle track was designed to be placed
29 May, 2009
A small windscreen enclosed bench along the station platform
29 May, 2009
A name tablet with the text India St underneath it.
29 May, 2009
A corner entrance to the station building at Myrtle-Wycoff Avenue.
29 May, 2009
The main entrance along the street to Myrtle-Wycoff Avenue
29 May, 2009
Looking across the street as buses block the main Myrtle-Wycoff Avenue station entrance
29 May, 2009
The station building viewed beneath the elevated
29 May, 2009
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