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Union Street is a 4th Avenue Subway Line local stop that got the standard cinderblock style renovation in the 1960s that covered up all the original 1910s name tablets and trim lines and further work in 1994 that installed artwork. The station's walls are all white except for some of the indentation areas being grey. Fare control is directly on each platform towards the middle of each. Both platforms have turnstiles but only the Manhattan-bound platform has a token booth. Two staircases lead out from each fare control area to the respective side of 4th Avenue between Union Street and President Street. These staircases each have the extra two steps up to avoid flooding.

The station platforms are column-less except for a section at the extreme northern ends, where there painted cream colored and are I-beams, this was where the platform was extended to accommodate ten car trains. It seems that the station got a second renovation in the early 1990s when speakers were installed along with the artwork that is above the station name signs (above an arrow pointing towards the exit) in each indented area. The station's platforms feel like their isolated because there is almost a full wall between the local and express tracks that is mostly tiled over, like all of the 4th Avenue Subway, except there is an accent of some color in the narrow strips that provide openings connecting the tracks.

Art For Transit at Union Street

Arts For Transit at Beach 44 Street-Frank Avenue

CommUnion, 1994, Porcilen enamel on platform walls, tile on track walls
By Emmett Wigglesworth

The accent of color along the tall and narrow openings on the tiled wall that is between the express and local tracks at Union Street.
22 December, 2008
The conductors stop board at Union Street with an additional one installed for 8 car R160 trains behind it.
22 December, 2008
Looking down the simple Manhattan-bound platform at Union Street.
22 December, 2008
A close up of a Union Street station sign on the platform wall, with the 1960s arrow pointing for the exit beneath it.
22 December, 2008
Another view down the simple Manhattan-bound side platform at Union Street.
22 December, 2008
The ceiling gets extremely low right at the northern end of the station at Union Street.
22 December, 2008
Another view of the narrow end of the Manhattan-bound side platform at Union Street.
22 December, 2008
Looking down to the two street stairs for the Bay Ridge-bound platform mid-block
9 May, 2013
One of the Bay Ridge-bound streetstairs
9 May, 2013
Two steps up to enter the station
9 May, 2013
Going down to the now unstaffed Bay Ridge-bound fare control area
9 May, 2013
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