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Gates Av is a typical Broadway (Brooklyn) elevated renovated local station, it has two side platforms with the middle express track bypassing it. It has the usual cream colored platform walls. The station has one exit at the western of the platforms with a small station house below the tracks. This has street stairs down to the SE and across from the T-intersection of Broadway & Quincy Street. There are also emergency exits from each platform at the eastern end of the platforms, here are closed street stairs across from each other at the NW corner of Broadway and Palmetto Street and across from this near the intersection with Monroe Street. It is currently a 'Z' Skip-Stop station. Gates Avenue, the name of the station passes under the middle of the platforms

Art For Transit at Gates

Arts For Transit at Gates Avenue

Dream Train, 2002, Faceted glass in mezzanine windows and platform windscreens

By Chris Wade Robinson

A metal Gates Av Station sign on the windscreen.
24 July, 2008
Looking down towards the back of the Manhattan-bound platform at Gates Avenue, all that is on this end of the station is an Emergency Exit with a sign saying to exit at other end of platform.
24 July, 2008
A Manhattan-bound train of R42s leave Gates Av, the rear car's sign saying 'Z' but it is really running as a local J since skip-stop is peak direction rush hours only
24 July, 2008
Another view down the platforms boring windscreens at Gates Ave.
24 July, 2008
Looking across at a station sign on the Queens-bound platform at Gates Ave and a stop here sign for 8, 4, and 6 car R42 trains.
24 July, 2008
A view outside of the station house at a High Exit Gate that allows passengers to leave trains without walking into the station house.
24 July, 2008
An entrance staircase to the Gates Avenue Station.
24 July, 2008
Looking across Broadway underneath the el at Gates Avenue.
24 July, 2008
A view underneath the Broadway elevated near Gates Avenue.
24 July, 2008
A Manhattan-bound eight car R42 #4810 train signed for the Z leaves Gates Avenue it will return as a Z train Skip-Stop
27 July, 2013
R42 #4810 fades off into the distance
27 July, 2013
A R32 J train approaches the station
27 July, 2013
R32 #3864 enters
27 July, 2013
R32 #3864 continues arriving
27 July, 2013
R32 #3777 leaves
27 July, 2013
An R32 J train fades off into the distance
27 July, 2013
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