Brighton Beach/BMT Brighton Line
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(brighton_beachb33) The main and decent sized waiting area in the full time station house at Brighton Beach.
4 August, 2009
(brighton_beachb34) The 'lighted signs' in the main station house at Brighton Beach, their most important for telling B-train riders which platform to go up to for their next train.
4 August, 2009
(brighton_beachb35) Looking through the turnstiles back towards the token booth at Brighton Beach, the token booth faces them and has an older generation M-NYC Transit logo.
4 August, 2009
(brighton_beachb36) Looking down the Manhattan-bound platform, beneath the station's canopy at Brighton Beach.
4 August, 2009
(brighton_beachb37) Another view down the Manhattan-bound platform at Brighton Beach.
4 August, 2009
(brighton_beachb38) The museum train of R1-9s stops at Brighton Beach on a MOD fan trip to take a lunch break
(brighton_beachb39) Another view of the R-9 Museum train at Brighton Beach
(brighton_beachb40) Looking down the center tracks at Brighton Beach as a Q train an R1-9 Museum train terminate
(brighton_beachb41) Old and New, train routes as well, a R68 Q train and the R1-9 Museum train signed for the D pass within the Brighton Beach Station
(brighton_beachb42) A Brighton Beach Station entrance at street level
(brighton_beachb43) A close-up of a neighbrohood map that needs to be updated (it still includes the M stopping at the station a practice that ended in the 1980s) at Brighton Beach
(brighton_beachb44) Two Q trains along the el to one end of Brighton Beach
(brighton_beachb45) The ends of two R68 Q trains passing along the elevated line on the curve at the northern end of the Brighton Beach Station
(brighton_beachb46) A high view of the platform at Brighton Beach, from a staircase up to a non-passengers building.
(brighton_beachb47) R4 #401 approaches Brighton Beach to re pick-up its railfans
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Home<N.Y.C. Subway Stations<Brighton Beach/BMT Brighton Line<Photos Page 3


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