NYC Subway Superstorm Sandy

Photos of the South Ferry Loop Station Reopened and Reconstruction Process

I am bad at keeping up with current NYC Transit events even if I’ve visited them. This update is all encompassing with all the photos I took of the South Ferry Stations and closure and reopening situation:

  • Rector Street(33 Photos) right after Superstorm Sandy the South Ferry-bound platform became an exit platform and the MTA removed all fare control equipment since the High Entrance Turnstiles couldn’t handle the crowds now exiting the station. In early March (before the South Ferry Loop reopening had been announced) I revisited the station and found turnstiles (lacking MetroCard readers and bars) installed at all the entrances. Finally I walked by the entrances after South Ferry has reopened and noticed all three now all boarding (the middle one was exit only before the storm.
  • South Ferry Loop(44 Photos, plus 3 of the artwork) the loop station I visited on opening day last week, they did a great job cleaning the tiles, the terra-cotta reliefs look great. The main entrance to the platform is now tucked away with the turnstiles leading directly to the open air inside the ferry building. The new staircase to the R train and new south ferry mezzanine is a neat passageway.
  • New South Ferry Station(48 Photos) although the new platform (2009 to 2013) is 2 to 3 years away from being rebuilt and reopened I took plenty of photos of the mezzanine closed off, the street entrances and the portion of the mezzanine that has been opened with the new connection between 1 train loop platform and the R train
  • Whitehall Street(22 Photos) includes photos from December when only the middle track was in use and Downtown platform. Plus what I think is remains of salt on the track beds.

Enjoy this huge update of the destruction and reconstruction caused by Superstorm Sandy. (whose page I’ve also updated)

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