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Mount Vernon-Burlington, WA Station is located at the Skagit Station, in Mount Vernon a multimodal transit center that also includes Greyhound Service and the main junction point for Skagit Transit Bus Routes. This service is the local bus system that serves the twin cities of Mount Vernon and Burlington (that are separated by the Skagit River) with weekday rush hour commuter County Connector trips going as far north as Bellingham and as far south as Everett, plus an Island Transit Route that runs to Stanwood (these are all other Amtrak Stations). Amtrak Service is twice daily in each direction with one trip in each direction in the morning and evening to Vancouver, BC or Seattle, the morning trip is extended south to Portland. There is also a single midday Throughway Bus round-trip to Bellingham that connects in Seattle with train service all the way to Eugene.

The present station in the Transportation Center opened in 2004, replacing a shelter at the BNSF offices at 725 E. College Way, two miles north. The modern depot has a few benches and a stained glass window above the entrance from the street. It has a brick exterior with the eaves of the wooden roof providing the only awnings. It also houses a ticket counter for Greyhound plus the Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center. Amtrak Tickets have a little indentation in the wall that only houses a Quick-Trak machine since the stop is unstaffed by Amtrak. Doors lead out to a long and wide concrete platform whose only canopy is from the eave of the roof of the depot. This has a grey tactile warning strip. The platform has a low fence with a few gaps for entry (but no wait until train has come to a stop signs) and runs between the grade crossings of Kincaid and Montgomery Streets. There are no fences at the ends of the platform, just some bare ballast that implies no entry here to the platforms. Alongside the platform and depot is some parking plus the bus loop and open-air bus bays that are the Skagit Transit Center.
All photos taken on 12 October, 2011

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The depot viewed from the bus stops
The doors to the main station entrance
One side of the station with its eaves
Skagit Station etched above a window in stone
A corridor of the station along the platform
The central waiting room with its stained glass window
A Quik-Trak Machine, the only facilities for Amtrak tickets
Closed windows for Greyhound and the Visitor Center
Other direction view
The closest thing to a platform sign
Decorative sculptures in an area between the platform and parking lot
A Plaza with a flag pole right outside the depot
Just a low fence divides the platform from a plaza beyond it
A meandering walkway just beyond the platform
The southern end of the platform
The public drop-off loop before the Transit Only signs
A sign for the tenants of the Skagit Station
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