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Albany, Oregon is an Amtrak Station located at the transportation center and transfer point for the small, basically two-route local bus system. The stop serves the Coast Starlight and two daily Eugene Amtrak Cascades Round-trips. The station was first served under Amtrak when the Coast Starlight began stopping at the station with the January 8, 1978 timetable when it was added as a flag stop. The station is surrounded by a bus loop with a modern illuminated, tall clock tower separate from the depot and a 70 total space parking lot (20 short term, 50 long term according to There are a few sheltered benches for waiting bus passengers. A new building serves Albany Transit. The depot was constructed by the Soutern Pacific Railroad in 1909 and has been continuously used. It was rededicated in 2006 when vacant surrounding buildings were removed creating the parking lot. This depot has wooden benches, a Quik-Trak Kiosk and a ticket and baggage office. It is open from 8:00am to 11:30am and 12:00pm to 5:45pm. Baggage service is provided for the Coast Starlight and Northbound Amtrak Cascades Train #504 only; the depot is closed for the 3 other two evening southbound and early morning northbound train departures. The depot leads out to a long side platform that has a low fence in places and non-gated openings out to two tracks, but just one platforms.
Photos 1-23: 17 October, 2011; 24-28: 29 February, 2012

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Stepping off one of the Thruway Buses operated by OC&W Coachways that supplement Amtrak Cascades Service
The clock tower at the Albany station
A vintage (or replica) wooden sign on the depot
The fence along the platform
The traffic circle around the well-lit Albany clock tower
Looking into the depot, closed at this late hour
The hours of depot on a door inside
Shelters and the fence that seperates the platform from the parking lot
Streetside of the depot
Benches in the depot and historic pictures
Another view into the depot lit but closed
The new building for Albany Transit
One of the parking lots
The clock tower and area in front of the depot
A ground view from the platform
The Albany Transit building
The plaza and canopied benches south of the depot
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Last Updated: 19 December, 2011
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