Woodcliff Lake
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Woodcliff Lake is a lightly used Pascack Valley Line Station and one of two stations bypassed by all weekend service along with some weekday trains. It is also the station that feels the most 'rural' directly along the edge of Woodcliff Lake Reservoir with the southern end of the platform at the grade crossing of Woodcliff Avenue where it crosses the lake on a causeway. The platform is lakeside (on the western side of the single track) and across from Broadway which the tracks follow. The low-level platform is a simple stretch of concrete for maybe four cars with just a simple yellow line, lacking a tactile warning strip. At the southern end of the station is a small wooden brown singled station house with a gabled roof providing porches on all four sides including over the platform itself. This is where the station's TVM is. There are white framed windows. Inside the station is a brown linoleum floor and cream colored walls, there are three sets of two attached brown plastic chairs as amenities for waiting passengers. Just south of the depot at the intersection is a modern clock with Woodcliff Lake engraved in gold on top of the green clock. At the northern end of the depot is a small stretch of pavement across the tracks to a short staircase up to Broadway. Parking consists of 60 permit only spaces between the station and the lake on each side of Woodcliff Avenue, controlled by the borough of Woodcliff Lake.
All photos were taken on 30 January, 2012

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Approaching the station along a rural seeming road
Woodcliff Avenue's intersection and the stop and lake beyond
Streetside view of the depot surrounded by its limited parking
An unused traffic light and the clock tower and depot
The causeway across the lake is just beyond the station
Parking and the little brown depot
Cars parked along the low-level platform
The little porch of the depot covers the portion of the platform right outside of it
Looking out of the depots overhang to the rest of the platform
The waiting area with its couple of brown chairs
The windows to the platform are covered in mesh screens, the rest are not
Nice to know the building passed it's fire inspection
The depot and clock tower right out front
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