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Woodbridge station is an island platform station that has had (I believe always) a high-level island platform since a 1939 WPA Grade Crossing Elimination project, as plaques on both underpasses say. The station is located on an embankment fully above streets near the station. The island platform was renovated from 2005 and finished in 2007. The station is a regular local stop on the North Jersey Coast Line and receives base service hourly on both weekdays and weekends.

The platform can accommodate 9 cars and has tactile warning strips. Most of the platform is covered by a think green canopy with built in lights held up by square shaped cream cream supports. Beneath the center of this canopy, towards its northern end are four separate sets of benches surrounded by glass windscreens in green frames. There are also TVMs nestled beneath it. About a car length from the southern end of the platform is the elevator (at the end of the canopy), and a staircase a bit north of that. These lead down to an underpass pedestrian tunnel. The walls of the tunnel are painted with murals of historic buildings in Woodbridge, which also includes etchings in three glass windscreens on platforms. These are an art installation by Franc Palaia. The underpass leads to both sides of the tracks where Poillon Street dead-ends. To the eastern side the walkway leads to pedestrian pathway directly along the railway embankment. This walkway connects north to Green Street and south to Main Street which continues south to Main Street, the next street underpass. The western side is the more major station area that leads Pearl Street, parallel to the tracks across from where Brook Street ends at a T-junction to the tracks. It is a modern outdoor designed station without a waiting room. The north side has a building housing restrooms (new with the renovations), the south side houses a Dunkin Donuts. At the northern end of the platform is the other entrance, here a staircase leads up from the southern side of Green Street where it passes beneath the railway on an overpass. This staircase leads up to a second, shorter canopy (with a single windscreen). The station's closest parking lot is beneath the western side of the station with 130 permit parking spaces between it and Pearl Street. 3 More parking lots extend south of the station along the rail right of way.
All photos were taken on 22 October, 2012

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A southbound train in push mode prepares to leave
ALP-46 #4632 starts to push a train out of the station
ALP-46 #4632 pushes a train out of the Woodbridge Station
The parking lot viewed from the elevated island platform
The northern exit to Green Street
Close up of the depiction of the Brick Factory
The staircase to Green Street in front of the etched glass mural of the Brick Factory
A platform sign is looking a bit brown
At the southern end of the main canopy structure
There are four windscreen enclosed benches for waiting passengers
ALP-46 #4658 leads a New York-bound train into the station
ALP-46 #4658 keeps entering
ALP-46 #4658 enters
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