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Point Pleasant Beach is one of just two NJT rail stations in Ocean County (along with Bay Head less than two miles away). Trains cross the Manasquan Bridge into Ocean County from Monmouth County just north of the station. This bridge was originally two tracks but has been single tracked since the 1970s and is the only place on the North Jersey Coast Line with a single track. The tracks expand again to two tracks before they reach the Point Pleasant Beach station. The station itself has two modern high-level side platforms. The Bay Head-bound platform can accommodate five cars, the Long Branch-bound platform four. These platforms each have light brown concrete, tactile warning strips and brown lampposts. The platforms are connected by the grade crossing of Arnold Avenue a few train cars south of the platforms. Here the yellow lines of the original low-level platforms are still visible under the fence that leads passengers from the grade crossings to the ramps up to each end of the platforms.

The Long Branch-bound platform is parallel to the station's 210 space parking lot ($2 per day). At the southern end of the high-level platform, at the same level of the platform is a modern, single story stonewalled station house. This building as a grey gabled roof and inside is a ticket office that was permanently closed on Friday, October 5, 2012. The building's waiting room still remains open effective October 8, 2012 from 4:30am to 1:00pm Monday through Friday. The waiting room is simple with a tiled floor, green doors and some modern wooden benches. At one end is the silver closed ticket window and the other a grate that is designed to house a concession but there isn't one currently. The waiting room extends out to the platform with an attached gabled roof canopy held up by green support beams. This covers about a car. Directly outside the station house is the station's two TVMs. The only other amenity on this platform is a tiny covered and windscreen bench at the northern end of the platform by a second staircase and ramp off of it.

The Bay Head-bound platform is along Cincinnati Avenue that gradually curves west, away from being parallel to it by the grade crossing. There is another concrete lot that isn't used for railroad parking but has a bus stop for Ocean Ride (a small county-level bus system that supplements New Jersey Transit and runs a few rush hour trips to neighboring towns farther south) and New Jersey Transit. The platform has a single canopy at its extreme northern end, covering about a car (a strange location since most passengers must use the grade crossing on at least half of their round-trips to get to the correct side of the tracks). The canopy, like the one outside the station house, has green support beams and a gabled roof.
All Photos taken on 1 April, 2013

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A Shuttle train approaches
GP40PH-2B #4201 leads a Shuttle Train
GP40PH-2B #4201 crosses Atlantic Avenue
A Shuttle Train enters Point Pleasant Beach
The different types of Comets and the Point Pleasant Beach Water tower
Comet V #6082 brings up the rear of a Shuttle train
The gates rise, a train has passed
GP40PH-2B #4200 leads a Long Branch-bound Shuttle train with one more stop in service
GP40PH-2B #4200
GP40PH-2B #4200 continues approaching
The side of GP40PH-2B #4200 and its Comet cars
Comet IV #5024 crosses Forman Avenue heading north
A northbound train enters Point Pleasant Beach off in the distance
Sign for the Pt. Pleasant Station off in the distance
The station grade-crossing and track connection
The former low-platform before the high-platform
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