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Monmouth Park is a special event station on the North Jersey Coast Line that serves the historic racetrack that opened in 1870. Until the end of the 2005 racing season special Pony Express Trains served the station, running from Hoboken to a not-electrified siding that ended just north of the entrance to the grandstand. This siding track is unused today and overgrown. Today current regularly scheduled train service is provided for racetrack attendees by regularly scheduled North Jersey Coast Line trains making a special stop just north of the grade-crossing of Port Au Peck Avenue. Racetrack attendees must now walk an extra 5 minutes along a special path north of Port Au Peck Avenue before crossing this street and entering through the parking lots of the track.

Passenger amenities at the current station are minimal. The platforms are basically just ballast for each direction, with parklike wooden benches for passengers on each platform and a quadruple-wide white domed bus shelter on the New York-bound side. TVMs are not provided at the station, racegoers need to purchase round-trip tickets. The $5 surcharge is still charged on tickets purchased on board.
All Photos taken on 9 June, 2013 on a trip by bicycle

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Approaching the grade-crossing and tiny station
A large sign marks the station
The four times wide bus shelter is the one station amenity
There also some green concrete and wood, park-style benches
Another large Monmouth Park Station sign
The northbound platform
The shelter with a bench and a mix of grimy and still translucent panels
A Long Branch-bound train (with connections to Bay Head) approaches
ALP-46 #4659 pulls a Long Branch-bound train into the station
ALP-46 #4659 approaches the grade-crossing and will stop over it
A train comes to it's second to last stop on a racing day
ALP-46 #4659
MLV #9005 brings up the rear of a Long Branch-bound train
A small wooden drop is all there is plus benches and a shelter on gravel for the New York-bound platform
The Bay Head-bound platform from the grade-crossing
The small entrance to the Bay Head-bound platform
The warning sign not to cross the tracks when the gates are down and shelter
The one station sign on the Bay Head platform plus a directional sign to use the walkway to get to the racetrack
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Home<New Jersey<NJ Transit Rail<North Jersey Coast Line<Monmouth Park (Racing Days Only)
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