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Middletown, NJ (not to be confused with Middletown, NY served by the Main/Bergen County Lines through the Port Jervis Line) is a stop on the North Jersey Coast Line that received 8 car long high-level platforms in 1999. The current platform configuration begins at the grade-crossing of Church Street that provides the ADA connection between the platforms. There are about two car-lengths of former low-level platforms, with the original small station house along this platform. This building is a small relatively modern brick building. The main entrance (through two sets of doors) has a clock beneath a brown Middletown sign. Inside is a waiting room with some wooden benches, restrooms, and is open during the hours the ticket office is for one shift on Weekday mornings (6:00am to 1:30pm). The floor to ceiling windows have decorative shutters that look out of place.

Just beyond the ticket office the two high-level platforms begin. A tunnel is at the southern end of the platforms. The ways to cross the tracks, a ramp and short-staircase at the northern end, a staircase down to an underpass at the southern end are the only ways of accessing the New York-bound platform since it is along green space. The Long Branch-bound platform is along the stations large 1350 space main parking lot (all permit parking) that slopes downward along the length of the station area (just a short 9 step staircase leads up from pedestrian tunnel). Towards the northern end of the parking lot there are two ramps that are virtually at the same level as the platform, as the platform goes south there are two staircases that get progressively longer. The northern end of this platform has just steps with a short path into the large main parking lot. The platforms are inconsistently canopied. The New York-bound platform is canopied for about three cars at both its northern and southern ends, while the southbound platform is canopied only for about 3 cars in the middle of this platform above the main station drop-off area. The fencing along the platforms are decorated at regular intervals of metal cut outs that look like weather vanes with animals on them. These are a deer, a horse, a bird (most likely an eagle), a fox or a coyote, and a rooster. There is a second parking lot across Church Street from the station, along the New York-bound platform that has 245 $6 per day parking spaces. At the northern end of this parking lot is a small building with a historic looking Middletown sign (looks like a former railroad building) now used by the police department.
All Photos taken on 6 November, 2016 on a visit by automobile

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The bizarre police building north of the station that looks like a historic railroad building
Another view of the strange historic building that looks like it has been moved with a door above the new foundation
The parking pay stations for the daily parking lot across the street from the station
The entrance to the depot and northbound platform
Bike racks and the station house beyond
Literature racks and the 1999 high-level platforms
A sign on the low-level platform area
TVMs and the brick depot
The brick depot
Looking into the closed station
Benches in the depot
The ticket office hours: one morning shift
A clock above a wooden Middletown sign
The depot and ramp up to the high-level platform
The platform construction project was dedicated February 1999
The depot
Entrance to the high-level platforms
Looking down from the end of the New York-bound platform at the depot
The former low-level platforms with a faded yellow line beyond the fence
The entrance to the New York-bound platform
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