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Belmar is a Jersey Shore Station with two low-level side platforms for the two track line that begin at the grade crossing of 10th Avenue and run north. The southbound platform is about a car length longer than the northbound platform with the platforms not quite reaching the next grade-crossing north, 8th Avenue. A few blocks north of the station trains cross over the Shark River on a Bascule Bridge. When the bridge is raised for boat traffic the raised span hovers as if the tracks make a ninety degree angle when looking down the tracks.

The two platforms each have a historic gable-roofed shingled canopy structure covering about a car length, on the southbound platform a former waiting shelter area is boarded up and closed. This platform then leads to a line of parking (no fence) and a small 35 space parking lot along Railroad Avenue. Just set back from the northbound platform is the station's historic stone station station house. Inside this large building is a dentist office, the Express Deli (as of 2013, Google now says it's known as Hooked Cafe), and a small waiting room with mesh over the windows and a sign (as of 2013) that it's open 5:00am to 9:00am Monday to Friday only. The stations TVMs have their own little white domed bus shelter along the northbound platform where they are oddly situated between the historic canopy and historic station house. The northbound platform's parking area is shared with the Belmar Mall (a strip mall) and has 80 spaces. Two more small parking lots south of 10th Avenue provide 104 more spaces.
All Photos taken on 9 June, 2013 on a trip by bicycle

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Across from a ROW car on a siding near the station
The Shark River bridge is up
View from the 10th Avenue grade-crossing
View from the 8th Avenue grade-crossing
The Belmar Mall is across from the station
The depot is set back from the northbound platform that has an older wooden canopy
The Bay Head-bound platform has a similar canopy structure
Under the Bay Head wooden canopy looking across
Murals on the now boarded up waiting shelter on the southbound platform
Wooden beams of the canopy
Fencing around the grade-crossing
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