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The current Aberdeen-Matawan (although the signs, timetables and tickets to the station say this, most crew members simply call it Matawan) station is technically located in Aberdeen. The historic Victorian 1875 station and freight house still exist across the Atlantic Avenue grade crossing and are located in Matawan. It was in passenger use until the modern high-level platforms opened in the late 1990s. Station parking is located in both townships. The station was electrified in 1983 under New Jersey Transit as just a one stop extension from the original end of electrification under the Pennsylvania Railroad in South Amboy. The tiny two track electrified Natco Yard is just after the station and two southbound trains per PM (none originate in the AM) rush hour terminate here. The modern station opened across the street in the late 1990s, it has two high-level side platforms that begin with their railway northern (western geographically) ends at the Atlantic Avenue grade crossing that provides the only connection between them and run south (east). The Bay Head platform is sightly longer and can accommodate 10 cars while the Newark-bound platform only eight.

The Newark-bound platform begins from the grade crossing with a small pedestrian plaza at street level. Inside this plaza is Gateway to the Shore by Grace Graupe-Pillard, 1999 a 2D porcelain enamel cut out of adults and children in water. A ramp leads directly up to the platform and a wide staircase leads up to a porch that surrounds the modern station house. This building is located at the same level as the high-level platform and has red brick walls holding up high windows with a green slightly angled roof. A porch surrounds the building at the same platform level on all four sides. Inside the building and ticket office are open 6:00am to 2:00pm Monday through Friday with lime green walls, benches and restrooms. A sign on the wall inside the modern station documents the historical 1875 station. There is also a small concession area with a coffee bar open during the morning rush. The station house is directly connected to a green canopy held up by cream-colored beams that cover about three quarters of the Newark-bound platform that has no other entrances except around the station house. There is an odd ground-level walkway from the plaza that loops around the building's porch raised up on concrete before leading up to the platform level at a staircase beyond the station house. Directly outside the doors to the station house are the station's 4 TVMs for use when the station is closed. Attached to the canopy are a two small wind screened enclosures with benches inside.

The Bay Head-bound platform is along yet another 679 space parking lot with a number of staircases (and ramp at the grade crossing end of the station) down to the parking lot. The platform has a canopy for about a quarter of its length mainly directly across from the station house. This canopy has a single windscreened bench, and there is a second bench shelter (separate from the main canopy) directly at the grade crossing entrance to the platform before the canopy begins. In the parking lot are two more shelters (in the same style as the station), one covers a passenger waiting area for pick-ups and the other for the Parking Pay Machines.
All Photos taken on 3 April, 2013

Historic 1875 Station|Present 1990s Station
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Stepping off a Single-Level Comet IIM #5347
The doors have closed on a Long Branch-bound train
ALP-46 #4610 pushes a Long Branch-bound train south
ALP-46 #4610 keeps pushing a Long Branch-bound train south
The Bay Head-bound platform is longer than the New York-bound one
A sign that needs its text replaced in the station parking lot
Empty gravel outside the station
Cars park beneath the Bay Head-bound platform
Lots more parking north of the station, its quite full on a weekday
A covered bench off the platform for those waiting for rides
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Historic 1875 Station|Present 1990s Station
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