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Mountain Avenue (not to be confused with Mountain Station in the Oranges on the Morristown Line) is a grade level station in Montclair with two low-level side platforms with a fence between them that extend south of the grade crossing with Laurel Place. Along the Newark-bound platform nestled between the platform and Upper Mountain Avenue is a historic 1893 station house. What is particularly unique about this stone building with a high gabled roof with second story windows inside it is that the City of Montclair leases most of it out as a private residence. A room on the ground floor is still open as a public waiting area. It is nice and wide with partially stained glass windows allowing natural light in and red benches along the walls. There is also a sealed, stone fireplace. Right before my visit in September 2011, a white domed bus shelter was installed with a new TVM inside it. The Hackettstown-bound platform lacks any amenities and just 23 parking spaces (permits required) along parallel Laurel Place.
All Photos taken on 9 September, 2011 (with the white balance acting funny)

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Can I walk across the ballast and reach the end of the platform?
Staircase down to Laurel Place
The newly installed TVM on the Newark-bound platform
The Hackettstown-bound platform is closed as I approach the grade crossing
The private home/station house
The reason trains are single tracking: tree work
The nice stone station house
Two doors into the station house, one into the private residence, one into the waiting room
Outside the waiting room
Inside the waiting room is a fireplace and stained glass windows
Stained glass windows above benches with Erie RR engraved
The stained glass doors and window
Streetside of the depot
The grade crossing at the northern end of the platforms, the only way to get between them
Looking across the grade crossing to the platforms
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