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Riverfront Stadium is served by cars for Broad Street only. The station is basically for discharging passengers only because the platform is one of the most bear but large I've seen and doesn't have any TVMs, canopies or shelters and not even a ticket validation machine, but the platform is quite wide with a white tactile warning strip across from a fence designed to keep passengers from crossing the tracks at the platform but use the pedestrian crossing a short ways north of it. The station is located at the gates of Bears and Eagles Riverfront Stadium that was home of the Newark Bears of Baseball's Independent Can-Am League (The Bears and Eagles portion of the stadium name honors the former Newark Negro League Teams) until the team went bankrupt and were disbanded after a new seller couldn't be found before the 2014 season. The station is on a short private ROW between Division Street and the tracks running parallel to Garrabrant Place. There are just a few signs on the platform.Two signs are your standard modern NJT sign and says the station name. Two others inform passengers for Southbound Service to Newark Penn Station: board at Broad Street or Washington Street and to purchase and validate tickets before boarding that are available at Broad Street. The platforms have some lights that are silver with square tops and look light floodlights on a highway not for a light rail station.

A platform sign at Riverfront Stadium with the stadium facade in the background
8 August, 2006
Looking across to the wide but bear Riverfront Stadium Station in view of the stadium
8 August, 2006
Looking down the wide, bare concrete platform at Riverfront Stadium.
8 August, 2006
The only thing other than a trash can and ugly lights on the platform at Riverfront Stadium: An Emergency Call Pillar
8 August, 2006
A sign for the Bears Game today on the light rail station with the stadium gate in the background.
8 August, 2006
An information sign at Riverfront Stadium saying to Purchase and validate your ticket before boarding and that they can be purchased at Broad Street Station.
8 August, 2006
Another shot looking out to the platform from the entrance plaza to Riverfront Stadium.
8 August, 2006
A sign pointing to the direction of the other light rail stations for passengers who want to board at Riverfront Stadium.
8 August, 2006
The stadium and station signs on the simple platform
9 September, 2011
Grass and the platform beyond
9 September, 2011
There is schedule information
9 September, 2011
Sign and facade
9 September, 2011
The Emergency pillar in the middle of the platform
9 September, 2011
The Broad Street station is quite visible
9 September, 2011
A platform sign
9 September, 2011
WPA murals on platform 5
9 September, 2011
The empty, wide stretch of concrete
24 January, 2012
Looking through the gates at the scoreboard of Riverfront Stadium, NJT has an add for the Newark Light Rail
24 January, 2012
A Riverfront Stadium sign just before the bare platform entrance except for a few trash cans and a box for salt to apply to the platform in winter
16 July, 2013
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