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Heller Parkway was the original terminus of the Newark City Subway when it opened in 1935. In 1940 the line was extended a few blocks north to Franklin Park. The station was closed on June 21, 2002 when a ramp down to the new Branch Brook Park Station (that more directly replaced Franklin Park) opened on the north side of Heller Parkway where the north staircase to the Franklin Park-bound platform once was. The rest of the station's two side platform remains are still visible from the overpass of Franklin Parkway including still tiled walls with the NJT trimline of orange, purple and blue. Three of the staircases (modern designs, except for the one that was replaced by the ramp) also remain fenced off along the sidewalks of Heller Parkway with signs to go to Branch Brook Park. A great view of the former station is also visible from a small alley that extends from North Sixth Street along the south side of Heller Parkway as it rises up onto its overpass bridge. The southern staircase to the Penn Station-bound platform has an intermediate landing at the end of this street that is also fenced off with the same red closed sign.
Photos 1-12: 6 July, 2011, 13-16: 28 October, 2013

Approaching one of the closed staircases from an alley
Sign at the former intermediate landing of this staircase
The former staircases have relatively modern railings and usual color band on the tiling
Looking up the closed staircase (there is a lower fence)
Top of one of the closed staircases
Looking down on the wires and still tiled station below
Another fenced off staircase
Across from these entrances is a modern long ramp down to Branch Brook Park built to combine the two stations
The Heller Parkway Station is visible walking down the ramp to Branch Brook Park
A closed (and overgrown staircase) clearly showing how each platform at Heller Parkway originally had a staircase up to both sides of the street
The overpass with fencing on it
A staircase entrance
The Station Closed signs on the fencing, no plans for an unnecessary demolition
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