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Grove Street is the terminus of the Bloomfield Extension. This is the first Newark City Subway extension since the underground subway was built (various other streetcars that used the subway ended until Route 7-City Subway, today's line becoming the only line in 1952). The extension is quite short and only one mile long opening on June 22, 2002. A major component of this project was also building the maintenance facility for the new LRVs that replaced the former PPCs that lacked a real train yard and were maintained on the tail tracks at Penn Station. Over the course of a weekend without train service all PCCs were replaced by new LRVs on August 27, 2001 (the two vehicles never operated at the same time) and these trains ran light to enter and leave service to and from the already completed maintenance facility at Grove Street although it took almost another year to begin passenger service to this station.

The station has a single island platform on the south side of the train yard. It serves two tracks that end at bumper blocks and could clearly accommodate two LRVs but other stops can't. Single LRVs provide all Newark City Subway service. The PCCs that formerly operated on the line could never stop here without a back up move. The island platform has a green theme with green platform signs. There is one canopy structure towards the bumper blocks but LRVs normally don't pull up that close and stop at the other end of the station. To leave the platform passengers walk down a ramp beyond the bumper blocks to a small entrance area with two bus shelters and just one containing a TVM. A statue of 5 Jazz Players is located here with five purple 2D forms. It is Jazzing Down the Lines by Varerie J. Maynard. The only Park & Ride Lot on the Newark City Subway with 160 spaces is a short walk away since it is on the other side of the Newark City Subway yard and maintenance complex, Watsessing Avenue runs along its northern side. The Watsession Avenue station on the Montclair-Boonton Line is an easy three-quarters of a mile walk away.
Photos 1-17: 6 July, 2011, 18-26: 27 August, 2013

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The end of the platform and maintenance facility beyond
Getting off a terminating car at Grove Street
The center of the platform has a canopy with windscreened benches
NJ LRV #116B
The ramp off the platform between the bumper blocks
The ramp up to the platform for Cars to Penn Station the platform is also a Pre-Paid Fare Zone
LRV #108 on the loop track in the yard
The ramp up between two bumper blocks
Two shelters at the platform entrance one has TVMs and validators
The figures of Jazzing Down the Lines
Plaque for: Jazzing Down the Lines
The bumper blocks on the ends of the tracks
Greenery in the large maintanance yard
The loop track of the yard and platform beyond
Looking into the yard at the back of a PCC
The small Park & Ride lot (only one on the Newark City Subway) is between the yard and platform
$2 per day fee for the Park & Ride lot, $40 per month
Getting off a terminating LRV
Jazzing Down the Lines
Ramp up to the platform and an LRV beyond the bumper block
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Newark City Subway

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