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Williams Bridge Station is a station on the Harlem Line in the North Bronx at Gun Hill Road, just east of the Bronx River Parkway and west of Webster Avenue. New Haven Line trains could stop since those that stop at Fordham still have to be running on the local track here but have always bypassed the station. The Gun Hill Road 2/Rush Hour 5 Station is a fifth of a mile east above White Plains Road. The station has two side platforms that can only accommodate 4 cars each. The side platforms are completely split with the northbound platform entirely on the north of Gun Hill Road, and the southbound south of Gun Hill Road, each platform's single entrance is a covered staircase that leads up to the respective Gun Hill Road sidewalk. Until about 2006, when NYC DOT rebuilt the Gun Hill Road Bridge, this wasn't the case. The northbound platform had a secondary staircase also from the south sidewalk of Gun Hill road this staircase was covered and switch backed down via an intermediate landing to end at a gradual ramp to the extreme end of the northbound platform. This ramp remains at the end of the northbound platform and leads to nowhere.

The platforms themselves still have the original high-level everywhere in 1970 look with long florescent light tube lampposts. For waiting passengers the Grand Central-bound platform has a rusting canopy for about a third of its length closest to the staircase entrance that also covers a TVM. The northbound platform has a bus shelter covering its own TVMs and an older grey with Plexiglas walls and doors shelter for waiting passengers.
Photos 1-8: 6 August, 2006; 9-25: 13 January, 2012

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Looking across the Gun Hill Road overpass of Metro-North, it is currently being rebuilt. The staircase visible used to lead to the Williams Bridge Northbound platform but is now closed during the reconstruction
Looking down the 'To New York' platform under the canopy at Williams Bridge.
A platform sign at Williams Bridge
View from the end of the New York-bound platform towards the offset northbound platform and original staircase up to the north side of Gun Hill Road
Zooming across the tracks to the northbound platform at Williams Bridge
The now removed staircase down to the northbound platform is visible
The narrow entrance to the New York platform at Williams Bridge because of the Gun Hill Road Overpass Reconstruction
The south side of the street only has an entrance to New York track 4
Looking across to the inbound platform at Tremont to the single recycling center
A New Haven Line Train of M2/4s bypasses Tremont
A concrete bench at the southern end of the New York-bound platform
The end of the platform canopy along the New York-bound platform and northbound platform off in the distance
The staircase to White Plains, Southeast and Wassaic, Track 3
One side of the shelter along the White Plains-bound platform
The end of the northbound platform and New York-bound platform off in the distance
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Home<New York Metro Area<Metro-North<Harlem Line<Williams Bridge
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