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GP40-2H #6698 pushes a Old Saybrook-bound SLE train out of the station
GP40-2H #6698 and its four Mafersa cars
GP40-2H #6698 fades off into the distance on the curve beyond Branford
Looking out of a stopped Acela at the new overflow parking lot
Looking out of a window of Acela at a Branford platform sign
An Acela train (just pulled up to the platform) makes a stop in Branford for a run-by from New Haven and then has to restart something software related, the staircase to the new overflow parking lot is now here
An Acela Power Car stopped at Branford
The staircase at the end of the platform down to the nearly empty overflow parking lot
Acela Power Car about to get the All Aboard because of a quick glitch in Branford
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Home<Connecticut (CTrail)<Shore Line East<Branford<Photos Page 2
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Last Updated:8 September, 2013
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