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Poughkeepsie Station is the northern terminus of Metro-North Service and located just a block from the Hudson River. It is a Metro-North Station that retains a lot of its New York Central Heritage and a $7 million ARRA funded restoration is wrapping up that will be finished in November 2011. The platform canopies are even at the original height of when the station just had low-level platforms in their original days. This makes the now high-level platforms feel a bit claustrophobic. The station has four tracks within the station itself although these become three just south of it. This track 5 ends just south of the station and has no platform except the remains of its original low-level one, this platform is controlled by a manual switch and used primarily by CSX freight trains to bypass the station. The other three tracks have an island platform for the middle two (basically fully canopied) and a shorter side platform for track two, this one is not fully canopied and a bit wider in places. North of the station, the platforms ramp down to track level and there is a small engine maintenance area with what look like fueling pads. The Push-Pull Diesel Electric Metro-North trains always run with their engines on their north ends that provide the station's all hourly service (with a slight bit more during rush hours). This makes the stop by far Metro-North's most frequent diesel line and terminal.

For access to these two platforms the main way is via a staircase and elevator in the middle that lead up to the historically restored overpass, with windows that open and wooden paneling. This leads to the large historic station house just beyond track 5 at one end that feels like a bit of a mini Grand Central and was designed by the same architect. It has a high vaulted wooden ceiling, a staffed Metro-North ticket office, restrooms, Quick-Track Machines for the only Amtrak ticketing services (cash fares can be paid on board without penalty), and a snack bar. There are lots of wooden benches with lines of lights above the benches in the rest of the hall. The station house leads out to a nicely restored facade with a restored New York Central Railroad sign boldly in front out to the car/loop for passenger pick-up and drop off. Unfortunately the facade is partially blocked by the bridge that takes US-9's expressway above the station. There is a pedestrian walkway that leads south from the station house to Main Street's bridge across the tracks and down to the waterfront. There is an additional staircase from here down to the southern end of the island platform. The otherside of the central overpass connects to the third floor of a modern 3 story-parking garage that rests between the station and the riverfront park. The entire area between the station and the Hudson River is this parking garage or a parking lot just south of the station.
All photos unless otherwise noted were taken on 13 July, 2011

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The shoreliner Poughkeepsie at its namesake station
17 January, 2005
A Poughkeepsie platform sign, still says Metro-North Commuter Rail Road beneath the sign
17 January, 2005
One of the two staircases up to the narrow and historic overpass that connects the station's two platforms with the historic station house on one end and the parking garage on the other
17 January, 2005
A nicely disguised elevator bricked over to fit into the historic station feel, shaft up from the island platform to the overpass at Poughkeepsie
Looking down the historic wooden paneled overpass at Poughkeepsie. It does have modern amenities like two modern recycling centers
17 January, 2005
A digital sign informing passengers that the Yankee Special has been changed to Track 1 (it's labeled as the train to Yankee-E 153)
17 January, 2005
Approaching the entrance to the station building, from the overpass, the building's opposite side is basically at street level because the tracks are built into a cliff
17 January, 2005
The grand station waiting area modeled after Grand Central is currently undergoing restoration
17 January, 2005
Looking up through the scaffolding at a stopped clock in the historic station undergoing renovations at Poughkeepsie
17 January, 2005
Another view of the scaffolding in the historic station going under renovations at Poughkeepsie
17 January, 2005
The walkway from Main Street to the station, its entrance has Poughkeepsie Station cut-out in the metalwork at the entrance
The staircase up to Main Street from the center platform
The staircase down to the station from Main Street
Two Shoreliners stopped at Poughkeepsie
The little entrance area to the walkway still being rebuilt from Main Street to the historic station house above track 5
Approaching the station house from the car loop
The old style rebuilding our transportation network sign at Poughkeepsie
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Home<New York<Metro-North<Hudson Line<Poughkeepsie
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Last Updated:15 July, 2011
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