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Manitou is a limited service stop on the Hudson Line mainly used by Hikers looking to explore the Bear Mountain Region. The Appalachian Trail is also nearby (but not as close at the Appalachian Trail stop on the Harlem Line). Hiker stops are made on weekends only. Trains that serve Manitou also stop at Breakneck Ridge. Until the May 11, 2014 timetable change only two trains in stopped each direction per weekend day, two northbound trains in the morning, and two southbound evening trains. This schedule didn't allow half-day expeditions. On May 11, 2014 an additional midday stop in each direction on weekends was added that allows half-day hikes. There are also a few nearby houses so one Weekday Peak Direction train (to Grand Central at 8:09am, arriving back at 7:21pm) also stops in Manitou. The stop is only regularly listed in the weekend timetable. The weekday timetable has a text note for the two trains. The closest station with regular service is Garrison, a four-mile walk north, The first mile of which can be done by walking down the dirt and closed to traffic Mystery Point Road through a nature preserve before ending up on the 9D Highway (not a fun road to walk on).

The station itself is located at the grade-crossing of Manitou Station Road. The middle of the 3 grade-crossings on the entire Metro-North Hudson Line. The next one north at Bank Street between Beacon and New Hamburg, the other crossings is just before the next stop south, Peekskill. The platforms are tiny wooden low-level boarding areas off to the side with modern signs on them. The New York-bound platform has a small wooden shelter, with a singled angled roof and an older Manitou sign that lacks a green line. Inside is a small built-in bench. The ceiling of the shelter has been painted to look like the sky with clouds and the spec of the sun on the blue background. Beneath it is a small picture of a steam engine that looks like needlework except is made of metal. There is also a trash can next to the shelter.
All Photos taken on 5 July, 2014

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Stepping off the last northbound train of the day into the grade-crossing instead of the little platform
The conductor lets the last hikers off the train and down the steps
The tiny platform, the train has just stopped at the Manitou grade-crossing
The open door at the grade-crossing of the last Shoreliner
Shoreliner #6308 has discharged its passengers and leaves
Shoreliner #6308 leaving Manitou a simple tiny station
The gates go up as the last northbound train of the day fades into the distance
No Trespassing on Hudson River Lane and no River Access
The older Metro-North Commuter Railroad Sign on Manitou's little wooden shelter
The three signs on the Croton-Harmon and New York platform
The wooden shelter with its sign
Opposite Side Boarding and If you hear a siren (Indian Point) sign
The tiny To Poughkeepsie platform, it has a nice modern sign
A direct view from the grade-crossing, down the tiny platforms and off into the distance
There is a Dead End Stop sign just before the station's grade-crossing
The shelter has a mural of a sun and clouds
It also has this etching of a locomotive. I don't think authorized by the railroad
P32AC-DM #701 leads Niagara Falls-bound Empire Service Train #283 towards its second grade-crossing in Manitou
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Home<New York Metro Area<Metro-North<Hudson Line<Manitou
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