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Ludlow is the first stop above the New York City line. It is located in southern Yonkers in an industrial area. The river can't be seen anywhere from the platform, instead smoke stacks and chemical tanks are between the station and the river. The station is one of the few on the Hudson Line that uses the services of a local street, Ludlow Street to provide the bridge between the platforms. The stations two ticket machines are located in a shelter on the sidewalk on Ludlow St that crosses the tracks just north of the station platforms. The New York-bound platform can only be accessed from a staircase down the Ludlow Street. The staircase down from Ludlow street on the Poughkeepsie bound platform leads to small parking lot (Abe Cohen Plaza), access from Bridge Street and then the station platform. Both platforms have an unusual feature of the staircases from this overpass of sorts goes down to track level and there is about thirty feet of area where there's a long and narrow passageway at track level, with a low fence prohibiting people from walking onto the tracks. A fifth freight lead track is also just beyond here. This covered area (on the northbound platform is along the small parking lot) leads to the ADA compliant gradual ramp up to the each of the narrow side platforms. These are full length that have canopies and the digital information signs towards their southern ends. This means the station is ADA compliant for Track 4, normally the northbound platform only.
Photos 1-26: 13 June, 2008; 27-51: 13 November, 2013

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A MNR station sign on a Yonkers city street for Ludlow.
Looking down the sidewalk type area between the station platform and the staircase up to Ludlow Ave.
A sign on the fence between the platform and the overpass on the northbound platform at Ludlow pointing towards the staircase up to the Ludlow Avenue bridge which serves as the crossover to the New York platform.
Looking down the narrow ramp up to the Croton-Harmon Poughkeepsie platform.
Looking down the northbound platform at Ludlow towards the Ludlow Avenue bridge, with its single staircase that is the only way to get down to the Manhattan-bound platform.
A view of the ramp at the end of the Manhattan-bound platform at Ludlow, as it goes briefly down to track level before the bridge up to Ludlow Avenue, it's canopied too.
A View across to the Manhattan-bound platform with the large white tanks that provide an interesting backdrop for Ludlow Station.
A Ludlow station sign with the new Watch the Gap logo above the Metro-North Railroad text.
A view of the small enclosed waiting area on the Manhattan-bound platform at Ludlow
The Hudson River can just be made out beyond the Manhattan-bound platform at Ludlow.
A To Croton-Harmon and Poughkeepsie sign on that platform at Ludlow.
Looking down the northbound platform at Ludlow, it has an interesting make up of the concrete that is one of its walls.
A station sign at Ludlow in front of the large, white, round chemical tanks.
Another view of the low-level area on the New York-bound side of the station that leads up to the overpass at Ludlow.
M3a #8007 leads an express train towards Ludlow that is about to bypass it.
M3a #8057 is the last car of a New York-bound express train that leaves Ludlow.
A northbound train of M7as approaches Ludlow to bypass it.
A northbound train of M7as has finished bypassing Ludlow
Another view of the strange low-level area at Ludlow.
A view of the staircase up from the northbound platform to Ludlow Street, the structure over the staircase has a very old-fashioned feel to it.
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