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Larchmont is a New Haven Line station nestled directly alongside I-95/the New England Thruway. The station has two-side platforms for the 4 track line with the Grand Central-bound platform nestled directly between the Thruway and station. Passengers waiting for trains don't really notice the Thruway, because for nearly the entire length of the platform except at the Northeast end, the thruway is decked over with the station's main parking lot. The station received a $9 Million dollar renovation in 2004-2005. This rebuilt and made the pedestrian bridge accessible along with other platform improvements including new black fencing and green lampposts. The station's ticket office closed on Tuesday, January 12, 2010 with a coffee stand, Java Junction, 'replacing' the ticket office opening a week later.

The station's two platforms begin with staircases down from Chatsworth Avenue, which also provides a direct entrance to the southern side of the parking deck. Additional connections between the platforms are via a pedestrian tunnel in the middle of the station, this tunnel has two staircases up to each platform (on the Connecticut-bound side these staircases are to an area just beneath the platform), and also continues beneath the Thruway/parking deck to an additional staircase up to the Vine Street on the western side of the highway beneath the parking garage. On the GCT-bound platform, a staircase leads to up to parking deck from a tunnel staircase. Gates restrict access to this tunnel to between weekdays from 6:00am to 8:00pm. Near this tunnel portal is a second vehicular entrance to the parking garage via a bridge over Vine Street, to a driveway through Memorial Park and to an intersection with Myrtle Blvd.

Towards the northern end of the platforms is a modern pedestrian footbridge with elevators and a staircase down to each platform. The elevator to the Grand Central-bound platform has an intermediate floor (next to about six steps up to the pedestrian bridge) to provide the accessible platform access point from the parking deck. The elevator to the Connecticut-bound platform has the platform as an intermediate floor before continuing down to the parking lot that begins just beyond the elevator shaft. There is one final staircase down from the parking deck's Northwest corner (on the opposite side of the thruway from the station) where Vine Street turns 90 degrees and heads to Myrtle Blvd.

The Connecticut-bound platform is canopied for about 4 car lengths in the middle of the platform; there is a single black bus-like shelter for waiting passengers. Railroad Way runs parallel to this platform and there are a number of staircases along with a ramp up to the platform. Starting at the pedestrian bridge, the stations other main parking lot begins and extends beyond the northern end of this platform.

The New York-bound platform, nestled next to the parking deck has a canopy extending from the parking deck to the track edge, except for a tiny section at its northern end. Between the tunnel and pedestrian bridge is a long and narrow cinder-blocked station house. This building makes the New York-bound platform narrower. Inside are restrooms, a concession Global Java, and the now closed ticket office. Along a wall near the ticket office is a floral mural The Four Seasions by Joy Taylor.
Photos 1-6: 5 October, 2005; 7-48: 13 January, 2012

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M2 #8545 leaves Larchmont
Looking up at the new station overpass which is enclosed and still under construction at Larchmont, the old one sits in the background
Looking down towards the northern end of the Connecticut-bound platform at a platform sign at Larchmont
Looking down the GCT-bound platform at Larchmont
Looking down the GCT-bound platform at Larchmont, past the ticket office under renovations
Looking down the GCT-bound platform at Larchmont
Approaching the station from Chatsworth Avenue
View from Chatsworth Avenue of the station
Staircase from Chatswoth Avenue to the GCT-bound platform
The unique canopy/underside of the parking lot above on the GCT-bound platform
An Acela Express train approaches the station
A staircase down to the tunnel and up to the parking deck
A GCT-bound train enters the station
A M8 Grand Central-bound train enters
Heading down a staircase to the pedestrian tunnel, beneath a staircase up to the parking deck
Gate to the portion of tunnel beneath the New England Thruway/parking deck to Vine Street
The shorter section of the tunnel, just between the platforms
The Gate and portal from the tunnel to Vine Street, closed nights and weekends
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