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Quincy Adams is a huge parking garage station with 2,538 spaces. This multi-level, multi-section are concrete brutalist architecture garage towers over the station's single elevated island platform. Two up escalator/stairwells and an elevator lead down to a fare control area where doors lead out to a bus/car drop off loop in a central atrium between two separate sections of the huge parking garage. There is a walkway that leads to nearby Bergin Parkway through the garage but it is just a strip of low-lying shops and no houses. This parkway has an exit to MA-3, the Pilgrims Highway just south of the station. A former exit did lead to a community to the otherside of the station but it was closed shortly after the station opened because residents were complaining about the increased traffic due to passengers using that entrance to dropped-off and picked-up.
All photos taken on 28 June, 2011

Stepping off a train beneath the parking garage
One of two exit staircases
A set of fare gates
Inside the station lobby beneath the platforms
Lots and lots of very full parking areas
The brutalist parking garage and a pedestrian entrance to the station beneath with the platform above
A section of the garage crosses over the platform
Approaching the station entrance area
The doors into the station
The central drop off area between two sections of the parking garage
Passengers buy their tickets before entering the system
The roof of the platform is semi-translucent where the garage doesn't pass overhead
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