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Fields Corner is an elevated/on an embankment red line station with two side platforms for the stations two tracks. It was recently rebuilt and the platform and station has silver walls (including the coloring of the concrete sides of the embankment of the tracks down to ground level) with glass ceilings for the platform canopies, and platform windscreen walls. The stop has a main entrance lobby beneath the tracks with staircase elevator access and an escalator up to the inbound platform. The faregates lead out to an underpass area with a plaza up to Charles Street that serves the local commuties, and on the otherside just beyond Freeman Street doors lead out to the bus loop for bus connections. The bus loop also loops around and follows the outbound platform to provide turn-around access.
All photos taken on 28 June, 2011

An entrance to the bus loop that loops around, goes above the main entrance plaza and is at the same level as the outbound platform alongside the station
A old No Tresspassing sign that has withstood the test of time
One of the entrance walkways from Geneva Avenue to the bus loop
Approaching the bus loop with its bus stops
A bus stopped in front of the station
Another old no tresspassing sign
The main entrance plaza
Approaching the main lobby where the faregates are up to the platforms
Up the stairs towards the trains
On the outbound platform
An emergency exit to the elevated portion of the bus loop
Passengers wait on the inbound platform, notice its walls of glass
Another view down the platforms
Home<Boston MBTA<Red Line<Fields Corner
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