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Alewife is located at a huge park-n-ride establishment (2,733, more than Quincy Adams at the other end of the branch, the other mega-parking station), with a busway and connected to bike paths (mostly the Minuteman Bikeway) with a more secure (key card access) bike parking area. The stop has a single island platform and trains use a crossover to change directions before or after entering the station, meaning the next train to leave can be from eitherside of the platform. There are next train signs. The stop has two exits, there is a secondary one on the inbound end of the platform that has escalators and an elevator leading to an overpass and structure at the street where Charlie card turnstiles lead basically to the Minute Man way bike path, and a small walkway to some parking lots for other suburban businesses, and Russell Field as it is signed.

The main entrance is at the other end of the station (and across the Alewife Brook Parkway) where two stair/escalator cases and an elevator lead to a mezzanine area where fare control is (and a nice airy glass roof) and in turn up to another level to a bus loop and passenger drop-off area and up two levels to a five-story parking garage. An interesting feature is from the escalators into the parking (going up only). One escalator leads to the second level and then three more lead straight to levels 3, 4, or 5. The main road to access this area is even called Alewife Station Access Road (according to Google Maps).
All photos taken on 27 June, 2011

Upstairs for Parking and buses
Approaching the main bank of fare gates
The FVMs in the airy because of the glass roof main station lobby
Looking down on the faregates from the walkway to the bus tunnel
Escalators of various lengths to the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors of the parking garage
Looking down on the faregates
The enclosed bike parking area
The bus loop and passenger pick up/drop off area beneath the parking garage
A Large T logo on top of the parking garage
Beneath Alewife Brook Parkway looking back towards the main entrance, notice the glass of the fare control area
A much smaller set of doors into the secondary entrance
The secondary entrance has just two wide wheelchair okay fare gates
The escalators and stairs up to the secondary Russell Field exit
Home<Boston MBTA<Red Line<Alewife
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