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Wellington is located on the edges of the main Orange Line Yard called the Wellington Carhouse. The stop has two island platforms for the line that was built as three tracks expect one is currently out of service, outbound trains run in the middle track and open their doors on both sides, with the platform only accessible from outbound trains having a fence running down the middle of it. The stop is located at ground level. The stop has the standard concrete canopies and an elevator and staircase/up escalator lead form the northern ends of the platforms to a small mezzanine area where the faregates are that lead to two exits to the street, the original one is simply a small overpass across to an busway island in the middle of a large parking lot with 1,316 spaces. The other is a very long and more modern bridge that leads across the train yard (providing excellent views of it) to the parking garage of station landing a retail and apartment transit oriented development. The entire lengths of both platforms have concrete canopies
Photos 1-31 taken on 29 June, 2011, 32-38 on 22 August, 2013

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Looking down the extra outbound platform
A sign along the middle track, its direction is not specific
Elevator or stairs?
The stairs and escalator to the mezzanine area
The doors into the overpass to Station Landing from the main mezzanine area
Looking back from the corridor to the overpass to station landing to the main station lobby area
An inbound train approaches
A driveway between the station and train yard
The long overpass
Trains in the shops enclosed work bays
Only a few trains in the yard at 10am on a weekday
Another train enters the yard out of service because less service is needed between the rush hours
The empty yard but some new timber ties
The overpass in relation to the yard
The third track that platforms is out of service and overgrown
The bus platform
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Home<Boston MBTA<Orange Line<Wellington
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