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Oak Grove is the northern terminal of the Orange Line with three tracks. There is an island platform for two of them that is generally the only one used (with trains reversing before entering the station) and a third track with a side platform that can only be used by terminating trains, although its gates seem to stay locked most of the time. Trains can also reverse north of the station after terminating. The main island platform has a single exit with a staircase/up escalator followed by an elevator at its extreme northern end to a small mezzanine area where the faregates are immediate. This bridge connects to a staircase down to Washington Street and a suburban community with a staircase/up escalator and elevator down to the stations 788 parking lot and a bus loop for some connections.
All photos taken on 29 June, 2011

Little waiting areas on the main platform at Oak Grove
The stations exit bridge at the southern end of the platforms
Looking across to the outbound terminating platform at Oak Grove without its own fare control area
The single staircase/escalator to the mezzanine area
The small portion of the mezzanine within fare control
The bank of faregates
A plaque at Oak Grove for the station's opening in March 19, 1977
The fare control area of the mezzanine
An orange line train leaving
The single entrance from the surrounding suburbian community
The back of the staircase down from the overpass
The little area out to the bus loop and car parking area
The bus loop
Locked gates to the outbound platform at Oak Grove
The station entrance from the parking lot and elevator
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