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Community College is an Orange Line Station on the section of 3 track subway and has two island platforms except that one is abandoned meaning outbound trains that run on the center track only open their doors onto the platform that is shared with inbound trains that is still opened. The stop like Sullivan Square is located with I-93 hovering above and feels not all that inviting, and although the highway is just above each platform they both still have canopies for their entire lengths, these lead to the southern end of the station where first an elevator built onto its own more modern looking glass structure followed by an escalator/staircase at the very end of the platform to a small fare control area above the tracks after the faregates exits lead one to the northside walk of Austin Street's Gilmore Bridge that leads across the orange line and then the rail yards that extend north from North Station as well as a walkway to Bunker Hill Community College for witch the station is named.
All photos taken on 29 June, 2011

The center track notice one side on the open platform has a yellow tactile warning strip while the closed side is bare
The skeleton of an elevator shaft to the station's exit
The station's only elevator up to the lobby as the MBTA calls its fare control areas
The station fare gates
The passageway to the elevator
The station's main non-Community College entrance
Looking down the unused track
Full bike racks and the only doors into the station
The center track
An abandoned enclosed waiting shelter
An Oak Grove-bound train enters
The Commuter Rail yard is visible from the station
An outbound train leaves
The northern end of the highway covered platforms
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