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Boston Back Bay is the most northern station in the portion of the Orange Line that follows the Northeast Corridor and resulted from a line reroute in 1987 by closing the Washington Street elevated. A New Haven Railroad Station existed on the site before, and the main exit with two separate staircase/escalators and elevators leads up to the center of the main central hall of the train station served by Commuter Rail and Amtrak of the same name. There is a main bank of faregates closest to the main train ticket windows and waiting area with a few High Exit Turnstiles for additional exit points. The stop has additional faregates directly on the southern end of the platform that leads to an underpass beneath Dartmouth Street and an entrance inside a building. The northern end of the station has an extremely unusual entrance where staircases lead up to a small and old fashioned brick building at street level with high turnstiles out to the north corner of Claredon Street and Columbus Av.
Photos taken on 29 June, 2011, 17: 22 August, 2013

The faregates to Exit Here
Little platform benches
Looking down the platform from the staircase up to the staircase at the northern end of the platform
Inside the large exit only headhouse
The headhouse for the orange line exits at street level with detailing on the awnings, its converted from the NY Central
An Orange Line going north passing the ends of the Commuter Rail platforms
The large exit only building from the orange line
The exits building doesn't fit in with the surrounding community
The orange line entrance in the middle of the main central hall in the train station
The subway portion with some High Exit Turnstiles
Descending down to the platform
Looking back up to the train station building
A pilot monitor showing the location of every orange line train along the route
On the platform, the staircase up to the high turnstile exits at the northern end of the platform
15 December, 2011
Home<Boston MBTA<Orange Line<Back Bay
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