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Central Ave is a Mattapan High-Speed Line station that is located just west (outbound direction) of the grade crossing of the street with the same name. This grade crossing is a much more major street than the one at Capen Street, and some shops are along it. It has two small side platforms with tactile warning strips, a sign for each, and wooden ADA ramp at the opposite end are accessed directly from the intersection which is unguarded with just some wooden railroad crossing signs for warning. The Inbound platform has a modular metal canopy found at every station. Just east of the station (inbound) a bike path begins to follow the right of way of the line for its next two station stops.
All photos taken on 28 June, 2011

An outbound PCC about to leave
An outbound PCC passes the ADA ramp with its bridge plate to leave
The two signs on the outbound platform
The canopy on the inbound
For the street crossing trains have just a stop sign
A PPC car runs along the portion of the line east of Central Ave along the bike path
Home<Boston MBTA<Mattapan High-Speed Line<Central Ave
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Last Updated: 30 June, 2011
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