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Heath Street is the present day terminus of the 'E' branch where the line loops on a private ROW between Huntington Avenue (where arriving terminating trains run) and Heath Street (inbound) that forks away from Heath Street just before the station, forming the triangle trains loop around. Inside this triangle is a parking lot, not for the station but the V.A. Medical Hospital, the stops secondary name as the recordings announce. Within the loop in the station area two tracks form each with a tactile warning strip platform on each side of the loop. The inner platform also has a sheltered bench, some standard T stop signage, and a round building used by the dispatcher. The outer platform has the original attempt at ADA accessibility, a mini-high platform with a wide bridgeplate. The inner a mobile lift. These devices are now unnecessary since almost every train now consists of a Low-Floor Type 8 LRV and High-Floor Type 7 LRV.
All photos taken on 29 June, 2011

The outer loop platform
The wooden mini-high platform
Type-8 LRV #3873 leaves the turn around loop
The stations main furniture two signs and a sheltered bench
The little round hut building, probably for the dispatcher
The wide bridge plate from the mini-high platform
A ramp station entrance to one side of the little hut
The ticket/card validator designed to speed up boarding
The mobilift
The inner loop platform with a T light in the VA Medical Center Parking lot
The trolley loop surrounding the Medical Center parking lot
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