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Exeter, NH is the most southern station in New Hampshire on the Downeaster Route and the first stop outside of MBTA Commuter Rail territory. It opened the same day Downeaster service began on December 14, 2001, resuming service to Exeter that was last provided by the Boston & Maine Railroad in 1965. The station consists of the usual uniquely designed Downeaster Platform of a low-level platform with a mini-high level that requires a bridgeplate for boarding in the middle of the platform. Normally trains just open one door at the mini-high platform. Since the station is so new all platform edges have tactile warning strips. The mini-high platform (with ramp and staircase access behind the mini-high) is the only portion of the platform covered by a canopy structure. This has red beams holding up a high gabled roof. The ceiling of the canopy is flat with built in lighting. Along and above the middle of the canopy are simple white signs with black text that say Exeter. Attached to sides of the black fencing is a small Downeaster Information panel. There is also a larger bulletin board (in the tiny portion of the canopy that covers the entrances to the high-level platform) above some brochure racks for local tourism. The bulletin board (mainly with Downeaster travel information) has a plaque on it saying Crafted & Donated by Phillips Exeter Academy, November 2002. Benches are on both the high and low-level portions of the platform. Each low level platform has a normal Downeaster format sign (that has been replaced since the station opened) with Exeter written above a strip map of the route.

Just north of the existing station (the canopy is in the style of this historic building) is the historic Boston & Maine stone station house that has a separate freight house that were built in 1880. A high gabled roof covers these two attached buildings and provided plenty of cover for passengers waiting outside. The former station house portion of the building is Gerry's Variety and trackside cafe. Inside this store is a unique amenity, a QuikTrak Machine that the store has received and provides for Downeaster passengers as a courtesy. It seems like its been opened since B & M service was discontinued in 1965. The freight house portion of the building was originally an apartment but Exeter is currently planning on converting this small area into an enclosed unstaffed waiting area (with the QuikTrak machine relocated to it for Downeaster passengers). Trackside of the depot is the weedy remains of the former platform.

The platform and station house are located along Linda Street just south of Main Street in Exeter's downtown. There is minimal parking, just 82 spaces along this street. One final thing worth mentioning is the Green highway type Railroad signs that direct passengers to the station have a slightly strange design with what looks like a bulge towards the bottom of the locomotive (like it could be pregnant).
All photos taken on 22 August, 2013

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The bridge plate to Amfleet I #82759 is the one open door for Portland-bound Downeaster Train #683
A passenger rolls her luggage off of Train #683 down the placed bridge plate from the conductors
P42 #144 and the historic 1880 station house
An Amtrak train stops at the simple Exeter shelter
The overgrown original platform and P42 #144
P42 #144 stopped across from the original overgrown platform
The Downeaster logo on the Cabbage Cabbage
Cabbage #90214 is the last car of Train #683 leaving the station
Cabbage #90214 passes the car spot signs, the numbers correspond with how far from the front the train should stop to the mini-high platform I believe
Train #683 fares beyond the grade crossing way beyond the station
Former platform side of the former station house
The platform with its mini-high in the middle
Sign about the Quiktrak machine inside Gerry's Variety
The ramp and staircase to the mini-high platform
Red supports of the platform canopy and the red trim of the stone station house beyond
The Exeter canopy structure and a sign
One side of the former stone station house,
The overgrown platform
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Last Updated: 22 September, 2013
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